CLAIRE LEMASTER is a freelance project coordinator in Oxford working with small independent businesses, helping to support their enterprises through admin, graphic design, management and web design.

She also is known in Oxford for her musical talents as a singer-songwriter and as a poet, notably winning the regional Hammer & Tongue Poetry Slam in 2019.


“We were very lucky to get funding to bring Claire into The Health &
Wellbeing Project in the initial phase before a two week pop-up. We were
starting up from scratch, with only an initial concept, a location and a
date. Claire was fantastic. We couldn’t have done it without her.

From the off she was organised and helped to coordinate us and set up the
necessary operations and systems to get the project up and running.
Essentially in 6 weeks we had to pull in practitioners, set-up a web and
social media precense and a booking system. We had to get qualifications
of the practitioners, set up a schedule and then get it out to the
public. Claire did all of this and more. In the end the project was a
huge success. I have a great deal of respect and gratitute to Claire for

– Joe Jennings, Holistic Health

“By far the most impressive capacity Claire has is her ability to self-train. Over and over, I found times when a task required skills that neither of us had any experience in, and found that Claire was able to quickly and efficiently teach herself the necessary skills to do the job.

On a more personal level, Claire was a real pleasure to work with. Aside from the practical things she could do for me, I really valued the reassurance and morale boost from knowing that I had Claire on my team when things were at their most stressful and chaotic – these are the occasions when she really shines.

Ultimately Claire was able help me grow my business and allow me to focus my energy and ability where I could be the most effective, and get the most satisfaction. I would not hestitate to recommend her for anything, but in particular if you have the need for someone who can work independently in unfamiliar areas and deliver results, you will not do better with anyone else.

– Jack Greenall, Smoke & Thyme Supper Club