The weather shifted

and your stripy socks resurfaced

all rainbow colours out

as if to flout the icy wind

but they were rarely seen

beneath your uniform slacks (classic black)

except when you marched back from the shops

and didn’t bend your knees

The season drifted through

and blew the leaves crispy

crunching through the air

and I dyed my hair again

to hide the greys

I couldn’t stand to leave a penny tarnished

so I gathered up all the shrapnel in my purse

Of course you cursed and raved ’cause

we were still saving to get the car fixed

to stop the gears from screaming

a steady drip of oil slick plopping little rainbows

down the street like wet bread crumbs


I started wrapping up

in coloured paper

a big red bow on my head

and said maybe you should try living in the present

like Christmas wasn’t months away

but I still stored the little gifts

you left around the house

in my pocket

for a rainy day