duvet cover

I found that duvet cover
Remember those crisp grey lines like swedish winters
crossed and marked, darting across the snow
a rabbit tail trapped just behind the creases

as it unfolded out of the plastic wrap
from its cardboard skeleton
The way you held the corner like a dead fish
and waited for the arrow of feathers to kiss the fold of your palm

How I struggled to find any calm in the flurry
and for a cold breath you were lost to me entirely
a formless entity reaching out from the mist
a gormless fist like a cloud threatening rain

and when I found your grip again we twisted
the whole enterprise inside out
like a reverse skinning
and sheathed the blanket down to your toes

Those rubbish little buttons that never stayed closed
always bothered me, spilling their guts like that
the polyester fabric scratching thistle kisses
through a carefully woven tapestry

Hairs prickling the back of my neck
a woodpecker picking at the threads in small indignities
like the way your coiled springs would bite my shoulders
or the thin blanket might force me closer when I’d rather sleep alone

Tiny pills and burrs in the rabbits fur
Those little boxes remained uncrossed
and the feather fingerprints of frost crept in
and licked the trees with glass

You asked me a question
and this one became a paint sheet
to stop the drops from marking the carpet
as I splattered my frustrations in red and brown freckled spots

spaghetti stains or blood stains or mud or crumbs
flecked across a landscape of rust
It soon forgot the yellow cracks of sun
peeking through the stained glass windows

when we made a tent and wrestled each other to the ground
arms wrapped around
pinning your legs down so you couldn’t flip me over
and clamp my wrists together in prayer

Those fights we bent like contortionists
to avoid the briar poking through the mattress
biting our liar tongues and tearing up the ragged sheets
until one of us would bleat mercy

The pattern twisted inside out like skinning a rabbit
red flesh where fur and skin should be
Trapped between grey folds
I told soft cotton tales you once pretended to believe