There is a place not far from your house.

Down the pavement’s stiff squares of cemented regiment,
Past the stop signs and bus stops and stop with your whining we’re almost theres,
and all of a sudden you are surrounded by green

Not the glowing green of neon and go go go
Not the photo-shopped salads on airbrushed buns
nor even the green of city trees
prisoners in their cages
isolated from their brothers by stone blocks
breathing in smoke and fumes

This place is the kind of green you dream of
Quiet,  dark , all-encompassing green
A consuming caress of leaves and grass
and dappled sunlight streaming through varicose veins
A green that saturates your lungs, and diffuses into your skin
Every shade of viridescent forest, lime and emerald, verdant vegetation
takes on a life of its own
Here you can smell the dirt, damp and dark
Loamy soil wriggling with life and death
where many legged creatures burrow down
to call the earth their home

This is where you must go
when you can’t face another

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Here is just quiet

And green

And green

And green