online dating profile

I’m a musician

I work in a shop

I love too easy

My heart won’t stop


Giving itself to men who chew me up and spit me out again

Like I’m gum that’s lost its flavour

A grey lump of emotion that’s fallen out of favour

I’ll try too hard to be cool

To understand you

I could go for months just watching the kind of shows you’re into

Listening to your stories

Sucking your cockamamie bullshit

And when we go to sleep in the dark I’ll sit

Motionless when you recoil from my touch

Emotionless saying I want it too much

As you brush me aside like crumbs from the bed

Repeating the lies that I tell in my head

And pulling me deeper into your pit

When all I ever did to you was

Give a shit


But yeah I’m cool…

I like giving massages

Kneading concrete like dough

Until it slowly

begins to soften

Feeling tension flow out through your fingertips

Feeling your breath on my lips

I want you to consume me like air

Pull my hair

Push me against the wall and kiss me like you don’t care

if people are watching

Or taking pictures with their phones

As we publicly bone

Or if that’s not your thing

We can sing until our lungs are sore

Drink wine you can’t find at the liquor store

Just as long as you don’t sigh about how much I snore

Or roll your eyes

When I open the door


Fuck have I scared you away?

Or can you take more? Ok…


I want a man who’s in touch with his feminine side

Who can remember without shame the last time he cried

That speaks of both his success and his failures with pride

Who is loyal and honest and patient and kind

Who knows what it is that he’s looking to find

And is seeking with earnest to know his own mind

Who loves science but respects those who seek after more

A feminist who will open the door

For a lady or man

Who can cook like a chef

Reads books about everything

From magic to death

To poetry tripping the tongue with its metaphor

Ripping the plaster off

Bleeding out petals or

Planting the seeds

And watching them grow

Pulling the weeds like

A watercan flow

And flooding me

Drowning the thoughts in my head

Till all I can hear are the words he has said


But please don’t be a paramour

Have a vice or two or four

Drink or smoke or store

Body parts underneath the kitchen floor

Just as long as you are kind to me

I will remind myself that your faults

Are vital threads in a tapestry

The cracks in your pottery

Are scars like mine

And they shine

Like gold