Take me to a bridge with
Red and white
Breathing arrows of light
Glistening, restless, rusty trees where seagulls make their nests
People packed like fish in a can
Gears grinding, fire in their bellies
Metal monsters slipping over oceans

Take me to a bridge
Flying and falling constantly
Twisting in the wind
Back and forth a pendant
And let me swing tantalizingly
That place that would dangle me between the skies
Legs kicking against the rope
And let me stare at the place I would hang there
A pale mirror of the sky

Take me to a bridge
Dark liquid folded under layers of swirling sweat
mouth agape as the dreaming flies and gnats are swallowed whole in the rush of summer traffic, scales gleaming
Like skaters on ice
Dancing on the surface
A forest of glowing grubs and reeds and spiders
Life teeming below

Take me to a bridge
Her last breath wasted on a promise of loneliness
Her tongue long forgot how air tasted
Washing her fears through her lungs
Filling up the valley with salty tears
Flower strewn and still
Like Ophelia, to drown
As if a misstep could plummet downwards
And let me feel, through rough wooden slats,
The drowning chance