See the motion of her skin

That epidermis ocean she hides within

Despite the armour of her elbows and shins

It could just be a thinly-veiled devotion to ‘him’

That man she’s bound to fall for

The fairytale prince who convinced her to wait bored in a tower

while her own sword rusted

The voice that whispered you cant be trusted to be strong or smart or bold without being told

You can have adventures at all

Don’t be too tall or intimidating or

A bossy stuck-up bitch cunt slut whore prude

A rudeboy’s nude fantasy

Lewd cancer eating through your pants

A voyeuristic glance that means a ban on boobs

Never mind that it’s

Chipping the span of her arms reach

Clipping her wings

Her freedom of speech now a sorry

Apology for taking up space

Where pretty is a compliment and a complication

A hesitation just a second too long to be heard

That silent last word

That spoke love in naked affirmation

Despite the harm it did her

That shell of self placed on the shelf

Never even given a hammer but her nails done, hair sprayed, nerves frayed, caked-on make-up, shut up

Sit down

Composed polite socialization

With each step she takes

Her old skin loosens snakelike

I see the hollow husk undo itself

And yes the dappled skin is new

It’s too soft and raw and sensitive to light

But she’s got fight club bones

She knows alone does not mean lonely

Even if you’re the only one dancing in a room full of couples necking

Just get on with the wrecking balls

Tear that doll’s house down

Strut the town in a birthday suit

Salute the statues hiding their eyes

Peeking out at your glorious thighs jiggling

Children giggling at your backside

Stride through market square

Slide past the stares and bite into a pear

Juice dribbling down your chin

See the motion of her skin