tiny glass statues

The soft focus idea of you

Flickers in blue light

Cognac biting my tongue

Tingling like a cheesy old love song

Slipping your hand in mine for the very last time

Stars trickling morning dew in your hair

You shook your head like a wet dog and

One bed became two

Cold pillows like a cuckoo’s empty nest

I test my bare skin against the cold

My heart folded like a paper airplane

But you crossed the border

Bent my parts out of shape in the wrong order

And forgot my name

I long at long last for the past of you

The fast flutter of your hummingbird wings

We used to sing a murmur of rising seas like

Bees buzzing in our ears

You placed each of my tears on a pedestal

Tiny glass statues for every race I ever lost

You tossed them like pennies in the air

To watch me spin

And wide eyed wondered how you’d win

When I crash landed

You fled the silent thunder

Like you knew a storm was under heel

Although I never saw the rainfall

It was always real to you